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Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam in summer

Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam in summer

Chicago might be known as “summer’s favourite city”, but it’s a description that could equally be applied to Amsterdam. When the sun’s out and the temperature creeps into the upper twenties, the city positively hums with energy; parks fill, bars and restaurants spill out into the street, and all manner of boats take to leisurely sailing up and down the canals. So if you’re headed to Amsterdam this summer, make like the locals and be sure to do some of the following.

1. Park Life

Park in Amsterdam
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The Dutch love the outdoors, particularly their parks, and Amsterdam has many to choose from. There’s Flevopark in the East, the enormous Westerpark in the West, and numerous smaller ones dotted all over. But best of all is the famous Vondelpark, a huge expanse of relaxing green situated in the heart of the city complete with lakes, fountains, shade, and children’s play areas. Barbecues are allowed, as is alcohol, so you can indulge in a spot of al fresco dining anytime of day. And if you don’t want to bring you own, there are plenty of cafes and bars to keep hunger and thirst at bay.

2. IJBurg Beach

IJBurg Beach
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There nothing like a relaxing dip when the sun is shining, but ignore the overcrowded municipal swimming parks in the centre and head East to IJBurg, a new district built on an artificial island on the IJmeer lake. Known as Blijburg, the man made beach is the perfect spot for some swimming and sunbathing; the water is clean, and the atmosphere is fun and relaxing. Several great cafes and restaurants mean it’s easy to spend an entire day here splashing around and working on your tan.


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