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Nuremberg’s culinary delights

Credit Image: © Steffen Oliver Riese

From a culinary point of view, you can immerse yourself here.

Nuremberg is definitely one of the cities that is at the forefront in Germany when it comes to enjoyment. Those who like it more traditional can get Franconian specialties, such as the classic finger-sized bratwurst, a crispy Schäufele or a baked carp, served all year round. One of the numerous private breweries offers a cool, refreshing beer.


Credit Image: © Uwe Niklas

The city offers a place for every taste, because the traditional cuisine does not necessarily have to be served. Various gourmet restaurants also create extraordinary delights for the discerning palate. The focus is on fresh and regional products. Whether authentic or traditional, we have put together a small selection of great places to go out here:


An absolute recommendation for Asia fans. If you want to enjoy lovingly prepared dishes based on traditional Japanese cuisine, with a special focus on the freshest and highest quality ingredients, this is the place for you.


In a beautiful, stylish ambience with very attentive staff and, of course, very delicious food, creative Indian classics with a modern twist are on the menu. The vegetarian dishes are also highly recommended.

Padelle d’Italia

Traditional and authentic, as otherwise only found in Italy. Only natural, local ingredients and no artificial flavor enhancers are used here. Pasta, fish and meat are offered according to old family recipes. A must-have for all Nuremberg residents and non-Nuremberg residents in a family atmosphere.

Bratwursthäusle – The mother of all Nuremberg bratwurst houses

A must with real Franconian food! Right in the heart of Nuremberg, local cuisine is offered that meets all expectations. The in-house bratwurst has been grilled here over a beech wood fire since 1312 and the production takes place in our own butcher’s shop in the bratwurst house itself. You can also take a historical look at the historic surroundings from the two terraces.

We wish you a lot of fun enjoying!

Image Credit: © Stadt Nürnberg/Christine Dierenbach

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