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Explore the castle rich Utrecht area by bike

There are a million reasons to visit the beautiful, picturesque city of Utrecht, but when you’re visiting this wonderful city during late summertime, there’s nothing more beautiful than hopping on a bike and enjoy the surroundings of this castle rich area. Between big rivers of Utrecht province, a lot of castles and historic towns are there to be discovered. We listed a few of our favourite tips down here. Best thing, if you’re an activity seeker, you can just go for it all in one day!

Kasteel De Haar

This is not only the biggest, but most likely also the most luxurious castle of The Netherlands. Don’t get overwhelmed with this unusual and very much “un-Dutch” luxury of the Van Zuylen family. Kasteel de Haar takes you back to the Dutch glory days and shows you amazing splendour in which the internationally oriented elite lived in the early 20th century.

Kasteel de Haar ranks among the top twenty most visited Dutch museums. It is a historic monument alive with year-round activities such as guided tours (for adults and for children), exhibitions, theatre and events.


Het Groene Hart

Dutch landscapes, delicious and honest regional products from the farmer, and a huge water recreation area: Het Groene Hart. The meadows are beautiful, the sun is shining, and the clouds provide a real Dutch air. Coots and grebes swim in the ditches with their newborn offspring.

Landgoed Linschoten

Landgoed Linschoten is the largest contiguous estate within the Randstad area. Landgoed Linschoten covers more than 500 hectares and is in the municipalities of Montfoort, Woerden and Oudewater. It is the largest estate of Het Groene Hart and is managed as a unit in which landscape, nature, farming and (cultural) history go hand in hand. With its unique landscape, monuments, waterways and history, the estate is an island of beauty and tranquility.


Montfoort city

Montfoort is a very old, historic town and you can see that as soon as you cycle through the entrance gate. The enchanting, picturesque streets will automatically lead you the castle of Montfoort. There used to be an Old Men’s House and a correctional house for girls here, nowadays you can simply enjoy a tasty lunch or a drink at their restaurant.

Slot Zeist

Slot Zeist is a French baroque style château. With its stately entrance, there’s no doubt that your entrance feels like a royal one. Get a glimpse of a 17th century interior with huge mirrors, elegant furniture and loads of portraits. Slot Zeist is surrounded by well-designed English-style gardens and a large moat, including a small teahouse on the waters’ edge.

Slot Zuylen

Slot Zuylen is a beautiful 13th century castle on the Vecht, this is where you can walk and learn about the rich family history in which women as writer Belle van Zuylen play a prominent role.

Slot Zuylen (Oud Zuilen/Utrecht) | Het slot ligt in een park… | Flickr


Park Plaza Utrecht

After a day of exploring, it is time to give your legs some rest. Sit back and unwind at Park Plaza Utrecht. Take a seat at CUBO Restaurant & Bar for a meal and a drink to your liking and get some rest in one of the spacious bedrooms at Park Plaza Utrecht, inspired by the Dutch art group “De Stijl”.

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