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Berlin Pride, united in love

Berlin Pride is one of the Europe’s most anticipated events. Every year thousands of people from all around the world descend on the city to experience Pride in Berlin. The celebration incorporates around 200 unique events, parties, shows, concerts and exhibitions. 

This Saturday 23d of July, Germany is will be awash with rainbow flags, glitter, parties and fun!  

Go on a queer city stroll

 Forget your standard city tours, this month try a queer city tour. The queer tour explains why Berlin became a magnet for the LGBTQi+ community and takes you on a stroll through time. Hear about the city’s “gayborhood“ in the 20s, during World War II, the legendary 90s and how the modern day LGBTQi+ community thrives.  


Stop by the world’s first gay museum

The Schwules Museum is the first museum in the world dedicated to gay history. The Schwules Museum is a unique place that reflects the art, culture and history of the LGBTQI+ communities. 

 Three must see exhibits from the museum: 

  • “Gay, lesbian, Jewish” exhibition
  • Large collection of 1,500 Japanese comics 
  • The history of LGBTI 

Image: Schwules Museum in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Join the Pride itself!  

The Pride parade marks the final event of Pride month each year. Pride is dedicated to the uplifting of LGBTQi+ voices, celebration of LGBTQi+ culture and the support of LGBTQi+ rights. It combines political activism with a  celebration of everything the LGBTQi+ community has achieved over the years. 


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