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Activities at Rijksmuseum

Activities at Rijksmuseum

For those that seek not only art watching, but something more active, Rijksmuseum offers plenty of great stuff to do in-house.

Drawing outdoors

Feel like an artist or yourself, or well, perhaps we are all a little bit of an artist, aren’t we? During the summer days, you have the opportunity to take a place at one of the easels in the garden of Rijksmuseum. Everyone is welcome, from young to old.

The Family Game

For the cunning, adventurous and fearless families. Unravel the secrets of the Rijksmuseum by playing a family game for children 7+. How? Just book your time slot and tick off the family game box. It’s for free, but worth the pleasure! 

Drawing like Rembrandt

Recreate Rembrandt’s self-portrait, draw a still life in 1 minute or sketch with an eraser. Awaken your inner artist with tips from the expert instructors of Rijksmuseum. 

Routes and guided tours

And of course, a guided tour shouldn’t be missed. It offers you the key to information and know-how that nobody else is aware of. Rijksmuseum offers 4 different routes/tours: World, Animals, Check it out, and Crazy things. You can also download the free Rijksmuseum app and follow these routes yourself!

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