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5 x Innovative Eindhoven

5 x Innovative Eindhoven

Eindhoven may not be the first city trip material popping up in your mind, but that will soon change! This contemporary city knows how to surprise you, especially when it comes to modern design and innovation. We’ve listed 5 of the best to-do’s for you.

Virtual Reality Center Enversed:

The Enversed VR Center is the largest virtual reality entity in Europe. Enjoy multiple VR rooms and VR simulators with friends, families or colleagues. All virtual reality content is created by their own team and focuses on team building, competition and multiplayer based interaction. If you’re going for a hilarious afternoon, this is it!

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle route:

The Van Gogh – Roosegaarde cycle route introduces you to the landscapes that Vincent van Gogh loved so much. Here you can discover the life and landscape of Brabant form the basis of many of Van Gogh’s works.

Dinner in Motion:

This may very well be the most memorable restaurant of The Netherlands. Dinner in Motion is a 360 degrees restaurant. While you’re enjoying food and drinks at a large table, the most amazing imagery surrounds you. Here you go on a digital culinary adventure.


Strijp-S is the former industrial area of Philips. Philips, who helped put the city of Eindhoven on the map. This area, consisting of several former factory buildings, has now become a hub for creatives and new talent. A place where there are also unique shops, markets and eateries.

Van Abbemuseum:

One of the first public museums of contemporary art in Europe, Van Abbemuseum displays around 2,700 works by some of the world’s most recognised artists, like Picasso and Chagall.

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